Mark Smed, nominated for Councillor - Elections 2018

I moved to summerland in 1989. I met my wife and we were married in 1993. We have raised two daughters in Summerland who both graduated and attend university. I moved a great deal growing up and I'm pleased to have found a home in Summerland. 

Authorized by Mark Smed, financial agent, 250-494-3390

I'm proud of our community and I would be deeply honoured to serve.  There are so many wonderful things that make up the place we call home. I love our agricultural heritage and want to see that sustained. It's no wonder so  many people wanting to live here but that demand will drive up housing prices, property taxes and the cost of living here. 

In order to protect our quality of life, we need to manage our growth carefully. We need to protect the assets we have, and ensure the services we take on as a community can be maintained. 

I love to read reports and collect information! I am involved in many non-profit organizations and make informed decisions by collecting information from as many sources as possible. 

Please support my efforts to serve our community by voting for me as Councillor.

I am a local Business and IT Consultant. I have been involved in many events and activities over the years.

Giving back to the community is important to me and I currently sit as a board member for;

The Canadian Mental Health Association, South Okanagan Similkameen

Pathways Addiction Resource Centre (Vice-President)

and I am also on the committee to host the BC Cancer - Discovery Luncheon in November.